a journey through art, nature and tradition

Narni Sotterranea

The history we are talking about began centuries ago with the institution of the Holy Office, but continues today to intertwine with the present.
Narni Sotterranea is a collection of hypogea discovered in recent years, a part of which was open to the public. These environments are suitable for everyone, even the claustrophobic, thanks to the numerous openings to the outside along the entire route.

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Rocca Albornoz

Quadrilateral of rigorous and balanced geometry is a real and powerful military post and in addition to being the Governor’s residence or the Captain of the Rocca hosts over time a garrison of soldiers to become a prison serving the papal state, function carried out until the years immediately following the Unity of Italy.

For more information Museo Nazionale del Ducato di Spoleto

Le Gole del Nera

The Gole del Nera, where nature, culture and history meet for over two thousand years in a unique atmosphere, it is a portion of territory interesting both for the landscape value, both for nature and history.
Suggestive the path that winds along the former Railway, which runs along the river Nera, winding for about 5 kilometers along the old disused railway line. It is an itinerary suitable for everyone: lovers of trekking, running, mountain biking and horse riding, as well as canoeing enthusiasts, who can rediscover the Nera thanks to the artificial marinas built along the river.

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Cascate delle Marmore

The Marmore Falls is considered one of the highest in Europe: the overall difference in height between the top and the base is 165 meters, divided into three jumps that give it the spectacular current appearance. The waterfall is formed by the river Velino, which flows into the river Nera flowing from the nearby lake of Piediluco. The name Marmore derives from the peculiar salts of calcium carbonate that settle on the rocks of the mountain, whose reflection of sunlight makes them look like white marble crystals.
It is good to pay attention to the visit times of the Waterfall, in fact it is not always possible to see it in its full form, since the waters of the waterfall are used for the production of hydroelectric energy.

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Horseback riding

Book a guided excursion in a riding school a few meters from the Podere, entering the mysterious paths near our villa, then take a short break with a nice snack, discovering a peace and tranquility away from the chaos of everyday life.

Wine tasting

We organize a visit to one or more winery, located a few kilometers away from the villa, to taste the wines produced by the winemakers in the area. In addition you can taste some typical Umbrian products.
Minimum number, six people, the tasting must be organized at least one week in advance from the day of arrival.